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Stereotype lollipop on white with pathOkay so here is a post that will be soooo controversial that I am sure I will get at least two comments…maybe even three (if I count my own replies)…

It’s about Christmas in the shops in October.

I headed to the cafe today and lo and behold the baby bejebus the centre had sprung into festive mode.

Garlands have been hung high in the ceilings throughout the mall, glinting red and gold and silver. My business partner pointed to them and muttered something along the lines of “humph”.

That was my social-cue to agree with her and carry on a conversational-tirade, over our lattes, against the commercialism of Christmas and the creeping invasion of its jolly-red-and-white-self into the months of October and November.

Problem is I don’t really care.

First of all I’m mad for tinsel.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t brought up with all the ho ho ho (and am not jaded by it all) but I love tinsel and holly and Christmas Trees and the thought of a happy man coming down my chimney (erm but I digress…) it’s a  spirited time and stirs the inner child…

but the adoration of all things-that-sparkle is not the real reason why I don’t care.

The real reason I don’t care is the commercial heart that beats within.

I own a business and to be very honest I’ve got ab-so-lute-ly no problems with reminding customers to start getting jolly with their wallets (and anyone in private business who says the opposite is a big-fat-elf-liar.)

In fact, even more so today than ever, it would be wise for the inhabitants of economic down-times to spread the plastic joy well over several months and not leave everything to the last minute. Because…let’s be honest- after the grumble-grumble of October and early November dies down they will spend the dollars anyway… You know I’m right…(and if I wasn’t right- I agree- it would be an entirely different story…)

Not many see it my way however.

People go-grinch as soon as those festive decorations go up.

The grumbles I hear are enough to make Scrooge thump-his-chest-proud. But for me it’s a blurring of hypocrisies. Not many seem to mind the commercialism of it all as long as it sits-squat on it’s baubles in December.

So yes, I personally will put up our in store decorations on the traditional date of the first of December, but as for the shopping centres and major department stores… here’s the thing…it’s not going to change…Christmas will rear it’s spangly-expectant-I’ve-been-a-good-girl-face in October from now on.

So….if you’re all about the praise of JC and celebrate the holy day within it’s true essence then kudos to you.

But otherwise please build a lovely gingerbread bridge and…

get over it.

I don’t want to hear your bah-humbugs for the next month and a half…

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