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Thank you isn’t a very difficult word to say.
It rolls off the tongue quite easily.
Thh-ang-k. yoo.

And it doesn’t cost a thing.
Not a dollar, not a penny.

Yet when it is absent,
it is most keenly felt.

I’ve recently been on the receiving end of a long string of un-thank-yous.

At first you don’t seem to notice, don’t even mind.
But then they stack up and become too big to ignore.

It’s not the words that are ‘missed’, after all, ‘we don’t do things for thanks’ right?
It’s the feeling of being unappreciated that leaves a little-raw-hole.

And if you’re not careful, that little wound begins to fester and then pus and then rot.

But sometimes, a person in your life like this can open your eyes to the people who do say thank you.

The people who do take the time to let you know that they appreciate you.

And it’s not always the words ‘thank you’ that you hear …

Sometimes it’s a hug.
A tweet.
A joke at the work water-fountain.
A flower left under your windshield wiper.
A #dingding DM.
A smile.

And then suddenly un-thank-yous mean so much, because they mean so little.

I’ve put a band-aid on that little-raw-wound.
Next Wednesday I’m going to rip it off and find it all perfect underneath again.

Well, maybe there will be a teeny-tiny scar, faded to a soft shell pink; just as a reminder.

A reminder that …
un-thank-yous from
unimportant people really are
unworthy of my concern.

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