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Deceivingly good looking Naan bread

I was all consumed with being a mrs-cleaver-mommy yesterday.  For the first time in ages I had no imminent deadlines and other than a house that needed dusting (pure evil) the day was mine! All mine!  The sudden desire to cook was overwhelming. Fresh free-range-corn-fed-no-hormone- chicken fillets from the farmer’s market beckoned me to Indian […]

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canelé de Bordeaux

 Tried these delicious little treats at the local farmer’s market today…Cannelle.  A baked custard pastry. The internal texture reminded me somewhat of the divine bougatsza my dear Greek friend taught me how to make.  And don’t be afraid of the outside looking almost burnt- it’s caramelly crisp chewiness is divine. Here is a link to the […]

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At exactly 3.27pm every week day I hear the same words whined at me from the back seat of our car. “I’m staaaarving Mum.”   No, you are not starving. Your bellies are plump and round from last night’s supper of chocolate teddy bear bickies and ding milk, not distended from years of malnutrition- the […]

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