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Last night hubby dearest joyfully offered to go and get pizza so we could have a very-lazy-friday-night-dinner.

When he arrived back home he seemed rather perplexed.

I asked him what was wrong and he replied,

“I think I got picked up. By a… fella.”

“Oh,” I say, suppressing a smirk-

“Was he good looking?” >cue Benny Hill music<

“Oh ha-deee-HA-HA.” he says.

“Go on then,” I say (trying real hard to be serious) “tell me what happened.”

“Well,” he says, “while I was waiting for the pizza I went next door-to the fruit shop… >cue more Benny Hill music< …and at the fruit shop I saw they had a big special on almonds and walnuts and peanuts.  So I thought I’d get some. I was just standing there choosing which almonds and walnuts and peanuts that I wanted when this guy came up to me and started talking to me about my glasses.”

“Well I hate to disappoint you, but that’s not reeeeally a pick up.” I say.

“Oh but that’s not all,” he says indignantly “he wanted to know where I got them from.”

“Errr still not a pick up.” I say staunchly.

“Well he wanted to touch them.”

“Hmmm,” I say- with lessening conviction, “They are very nice glasses, he may have just really liked them?”

“He then asked me for my name.”

“Ahhh,” I snort “Now that does sound like a pick up. What did you do???”

“I grabbed my nuts and left.”

>cue lots and lots and lots of Benny Hill music<




everyhumanhasrights-badge I like to have a laugh.

But fear not,

I absolutely support gay rights.

6 Responses to “Hubby dropped an apple in the fruit shop. And he didn't pick it up.”

  1. Laureen says:

    Did he remember to pick up the pizza in his rush to get away or did you all have nuts for dinner ??

  2. Chris says:

    Cute! My husband is magnet for other guys. I tease him… “The guy, the one over there… he luuuuvs you.”

  3. IZONU says:

    Time to stop showering and get greasy hands

  4. carladelvex says:

    yes we had pizza… not even a man-fan would stop an Italian hubby from remembering the pizza!

  5. carladelvex says:

    Haha… well I guess it’s flattering!

    I have a female business partner and once a customer came up to us and said-

    “I think you girls are great…it’s so wonderful to see lesbians in business!”.

    I wasn’t sure if I was more shocked:

    1. That as a straight woman I had been “outted” (WTF? I didn’t know I was gay! When did that happen???)

    or 2. at the audacity of someone to just say stuff like that to people she didn’t know.

    (…come to think of it now I wonder if she was after a threesome? ;))

  6. MrsDesperate says:

    Hahahaha! He grabbed his nuts and left – lucky the man fan didn’t grab them first!

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