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A writer’s greatest fear is being clichéd.

So when I was asked why I haven’t blogged about recent changes in my life,
it’s because,
every time I thought about it,
all I could come up with was clichés.

Clichés about chapters ending, blank pages ready to be written on, keys to an unknown future.

I’m not dying or divorcing. There’s no headline news here.

Sometimes your life just changes.
Routines that you have had for years and years end,
they are suddenly no more.

You are no longer single,
You are dating.
You are no longer dating,
You are married.
You are no longer who you were,
You are a mother.
You no longer cook for three,
You now cook for four.
You no longer think about having your own business,
You are a business owner.
You long for something different,
You pick up a pen and make it happen.

And through all the clichés, beyond all the trite and obvious of one door closing and another opening lies a truth.

I am still myself.
With the same brain.mind.heart.soul.loves.hates.

Just maybe a little older,

and hopefully a little wiser.


I warned you.


4 Responses to “cliché”

  1. Mariella says:

    There is nothing wrong with a cliche!

    I think they exist because they happen… often.

    When life changes, think of the new opportunities… cliche?

    Sure why not!

  2. Quadelle says:

    Cute. :) And true…especially, I suspect, about the wiser part. Plus, I’m glad you’re still you.

  3. Mr. Stalker says:

    Yes, our lives are cliches (with that thingy on the ‘e’ that I can’t find on my keyboard) – BUT isn’t that the point. Oh wait, yes, you made that point.

    Okay, WHAT I’m trying to say is that surely LIFE is what happens BETWEEN Clichés (yay, I found it that thingy.. now I’m not sure if it should be capital ‘C’ or lowercase ‘c’).

    Anyway, no matter how small or insignificant or un-newsworthy you think your day might be, try missing one. THAT ain’t a Cliché.

  4. Carla says:

    Very true Mr Stalker, very true.

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