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On Tuesday on Twitter someone tweets that they are having a shit day.

I notice the network leap to their aid with comments and tweets designed to boost their flagging spirits. People respond with concern. Genuine concern that things turn around for them soon.

It’s amazing this little community of people, looking out for and reaching out to each other.

On Tuesday on the Train my husband is heading home from work when abdominal pain strikes him with a savagery he never knew existed.

Locked in an overcrowded carriage and overcome with the kind of agony that covers your body in a cold sweat, he put his briefcase on the floor, loosened his tie and let his head fall between his legs as he tried to catch his breath. Not one person asked him if he was okay. Not one person offered assistance.

It’s amazing this little carriage of people, all ignoring someone in obvious distress, not reaching out.

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