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A Mum of two kids (loves-of-my-life) and wife (hubbys-not-so-bad-either) who owns a busy cafe in suburban Melbourne, Australia. who works as a copy writer and social media strategist.

I’m not giving my age so you can make an educated guess that I am no longer in my twenties …

In between making drinking coffees and making school lunches and choosing ties and cooking dinners I write and try to find time to complete my masters of arts (writing and literature) (marketing communications – digital).
The way I am going (slowly, slowly one subject at a time) I estimate to be finished around the year 2014 2015 … the same year, I’ve been led to believe, that we should all be flying in hovercrafts and wearing silver suits stop having to hear the question ‘What is the ROI of social media?’. My sister jokes with me that I will probably still be going to Uni when my son starts going.

Right now he’s only twelve fourteen.

So I’m not sure I find that funny.

(but it’s probably true…)

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be a good writer. But I do enjoy it and that’s gotta count for something? right?

Email: carladelvex at gmail dot com

Twitter: CarlaDelvex come and say hi!

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