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non formatted knee

Get plenty of calcium. Be kind to your knees. You’ll miss them when they’re gone. –Mary Schmich


 …drink all the cow juice you want but it wont stop the dickhead in front of you who slams on his brakes for no apparent reason which makes you slam on your brakes in order to avoid impact which you thank g*d that you do but a fraction of a fraction of a second later you realise that the person behind you had far less control and the person behind them and the person behind them and you are rammed and rammed and rammed calling out to your mum to see if she is okay while you dimly realise that the red dash that your knee is crushed against had once upon a time been dark grey and there is a crutch that you need and there is a hobble and there is a recovery time that seems to drag on and on but eventually you are fine only to find many years later the pain has returned like an evil spirit once exorcised exacting its severe and unmitigated revenge upon your joint and you spit chips just to walk into x-ray where you say no I’m not pregnant but recognise pregnancy bodes you well for the agony you will feel later while watching the sharpest of needles be inserted deeply under your skin into the tiniest of spaces between knee cap and bone until it’s decided that the best course of action is a weekly injection of golden untouchable toxins that make you cry real tears of acid as you walk back to your car every single friday at exactly two-forty-five…

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