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the book

Oh! Mum said… you should put this away! Somewhere safe. It’s precious! Umm… no, I reply, I mean, yes it’s precious, but it was made to be read. To become dog eared. To maybe even, shock of shocks, get a corner or two folded, (but only when I’ve come across something that ripples across my soul so suddenly that I haven’t the time to look for one of the gadzillion book marks I’ve accumulated over the years.) Books are made to be handled, held, cradled. That is why they are hand size. They are made to fall on your face when you read them as you drift off to sleep. They smell and they get stained by tears or oily fingers, especially if you read them while eating salt and vinegar chips. They fit in your bag. Or poke out of your pocket, if you have one big enough. And you never really worry about losing them, because they didn’t cost five hundred and ninety nine dollars at the Apple store. You share them and then converse about them over lattes. Good lattes, not crap instant coffees. And when you are doing the aforementioned conversing you make a point, and flick through the pages, looking for the paragraph you are referring to… and feel a tiny breath of book air whisper over your face, as the contents whiz by. And now I can see my name in print, look there, at the top of a crisp white page. Where before I’ve only ever seen it on a screen. And I look at my Mum and I say, but that’s just the point of it. This book was made to be held in our hands and read.

And she looks at the book.

And she agrees.

I received an advanced copy of the anthology,
Miscellaneous Voices Australian Blog Writing #1
and I have to say… I’m really quite honoured to be included amongst such fine Australian writers.
Launch date: April 14th 2010, Readings, Lygon Street.

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