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“Look at life through the windshield … not the rear-view mirror.” – B. Baggett.

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The clipboard man summons us to the door. We shuffle in under the famous restaurant sign. Qan: meaning perfection, Ju: representing gathering without departing and De: the highest virtue. In combination the name implies a perfect union of moral excellence and benevolence.
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beijing roast duck reigns

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The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. ~S. Gudder

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my notebook

I am by necessity a very organised person.
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plain fear

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mixed emotions

In front of me is a notepad and her camera.
To my side is six screwed up bits of paper.
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i feel insular,
inside out,
separated sock.
letters scroll past,
squeezing my insides,
sharp consonants around lungs.
soft vowels around hearts.
there’s some kind of feeling in here.
some kind of overly,
that tears through the blue.
and there’s some kind of gratitude.
but it’s laced with,
something incapacitating,
pulled tight, stretched taut,
strummed by self doubt.
you’ve left behind words.
words that contain feelings.
as you notched another,
inch on the graph,
that some obsess about.
but of obsessive realities,
i have little care.
i’m simply obsessed with this pen,
and the a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l,
and a world to create,
within a world,
from inside this one and zero place,
that is fiction,
and yet,
also strangely true.
but most of all,
i am looking at myself,
trying to see what you do.
and offering the two words,
that you truly deserve.
they are,
they are,
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