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Last night our son left our loungeroom- upset with something his Dad had told him to do and stormed to his bedroom. He slammed his door so hard that the house rattled and a blast of his hormones assaulted us in the jetstream.

Dad, not one for warnings, took his DS console, which son had left on the couch, and hid it. 

Dad then hollered out- “and that’s the last you’ll see of your DS for a while young man!” to which we heard a low growl emit from said bedroom.

For a nano-second (and having watched too many eps of True Blood) it crossed my mind that our son had turned werewolf on us. But no- of course it was just the forces of impending teen-age-hood and the hormones involved. Hormones which will evolve my son from happy-go-lucky-boy into hairy-intense-man. 

 They didn’t call it puberty-blues for nothing you know.

Within fifteen minutes good natured son had returned and we received a hug and a kiss goodnight.

In the morning our son sat with me while he was eating his tub of breakky yoghurt . He stopped mid-mouthful and looked at me.

“Mum…” he said “I’ve really learnt something from last night…”

I felt a surge of pride bubble up inside.

“What’s that son?” I said

“If I ever have another tantrum I should take my DS with me.”

2 Responses to “Important lessons in life”

  1. MrsDesperate says:

    Haha? Are you sure you don’t have a camera at our house? Because that scene occurs regularly here and our son is only 8 3/4 … glad your son learnt his lesson though. He’ll go a long way in life!

  2. carladelvex says:

    hehe! My hubby watched an ep of Dr Phil and it changed his life *lol* it was learn your kid’s ‘currency’- I think Dr P meant in order to reward the child- but hubby interpreted it as ‘know what your kid likes the most’ in order to discipline him/her by restricting access to it :7O I personally don’t like the DS being confiscated… when I need a half hour of mummy-quiet-time I always look for my nintendo-nanny (ooh I feel a blog coming on…) :)

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