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This afternoon we trolled through the garage (otherwise known as the repository for everything other than the car) looking for a case suitable for Miss 8’s impending camp.

Her first camp.

I finally found the one I was looking for, a snazzy-surfy one that her big brother had used on his first camp. I was elated. Phew! I never thought I would find it in all that junk. “But Mum…” Miss 8 said incredulously “it’s a boy’s suitcase.” I looked at it.


She’s right it is a boy’s suitcase.

When her big brother went to camp he didn’t mind taking the old red sheet that had the rip in the centre and the Frankenstein stitches. He didn’t even mind that he had a non matching pillowcase. But now I have a whole new ball game on my hands. Don’t get me wrong she’s pulled out her old jumpers and jeans…but I’ve been firmly instructed that the pyjamas must match (tick) and may I please have new volleys (tick-and fine with me- I don’t want her taking her good runners anyway) and was it possible if I had a girls suitcase- please Mum pretty please?

Boy oh boy girls are different.

Part of me can’t justify buying another case, and another part of me wants to get the coolest-grooviest-girly-case I can find.

I remember the day my Mum told me we were going shopping for my primary school camp. I was elated. We were going to the biggest Kmart in town (the one in Burwood) and I felt like the luckiest kid on the planet- I was getting new stuff! Driving along my dreamy thoughts of new sleeping bags and fluffy socks abruptly screeched to a halt as we detoured to the… doctor’s surgery. There waiting for me was a big-fat-juicy tetanus shot.

Tonight I’ve taken a picture of the snazzy-surfy-suitcase.

Tomorrow it’s going on e-bay.

2 Responses to “finding the right suitcase for camp”

  1. MrsDesperate says:

    How sweet! Mr 8 also enjoyed his first school camp. It was a real milestone, and I swear he came back taller and more confident. He had to borrow one of his Dad’s suitcases as his was too small and we didn’t discover until the last minute (had to pack raincoats, jackets, gumboots etc …) Felt bad, but don’t think he cared, especially when we saw some kids didn’t even have cases/bags, but were carrying their things in pillowcases and green shopping bags! Will have to be more prepared when it’s his little sister’s turn.

  2. carladelvex says:

    You are so right in calling it a milestone! I’m glad our kids had such good times (and didn’t have to bring their things in shopping bags-yikes! poor kiddies)
    Miss 8 has not stopped talking about everything she did…and yes her girly-fied case was a winner lol

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