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 Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults. If you succeed in doing this tell me how. –Mary Schmich


twitter birdInsincere compliments really shit me.

The suck-arsey ones that are hollow and verge on sarcastic make me doubt my self far more than a straight insult ever would. 

Sincere compliments on the other hand are crowns of gold, or fairy wings, or chocolate that has no calories. They come from no where and land in very good places.

Like when a total stranger stops you on the street to tell you how nice you look, or how lovely your children are.

They have absolutely no reason to do this other than a compulsion to share a thought that they had.

A nice thought.

I wanted to experience this today so I turned to Twitter for help. 

I spent my day tweeting compliments, (and in some cases cheeky insults) to some of the people I’ve met there.

People who are for the most part complete strangers.


There was only one rule.

The compliments had to be sincere. 

And here is how my day went….




I decree today is compliments and insults day. Surprise someone. #kissorslap


adventureran to Carla- In that case, I truly enjoy both your blog & your tweets!


Carla to adventureran- thank you!


The insomnia was for once my friend, the night I got to watch/listen/smell AEEvans tweets live from #Tahiti


Carla to Quadelle- thankyou for inspiring me. #kissorslap


Quadelle to Carla- I thought this NaBloPoMo thing was slowly killing us both?


Carla to Quadelle- yes…you are right…I take it back… :)


scottmpeters to Carla - that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of! #kissorslap 


Carla to scottmpeters- that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of! #kissorslap <— how’d you know I enjoy the occasional slap?;)


scottmpeters to Carla- had that look on your face 


sam_ikin to Carla- Don’t be stupid. Nice flowers.#kissorslap


Carla to sam_ikin-  Oh my a kiss and a slap from you…I’m honoured! #kissorslap


Carla to flemingsean– You once paid me the nicest compliment on my blog. I will never forget it. #kissorslap


Carla to OnyaMag- I have no idea what you look like but I know you are beautiful on the inside  #kissorslap


Carla to sjbgilmour - I enjoy your shenanigans #kissorslap


Carla to LaceySnr- You are my favourite way to procrastinate! #randomcomplimentforsure #kissorslap


LaceySnr to Carla- You are my favourite source of utter, utter randomness :)  #kissorslap


Carla to MrsDesperate- you always take the time to respond to people’s tweets. That is lovely! #kissorslap  


MrsDesperate to Carla- Oh how lovely. Kiss right back atcha! #kissorslap


Carla to all the phish mongers out there… I hope you all get a nasty rash #kissorslap


Carla: am working my way through the A-list-of-interesting… #kissorslap (shh! a private list)


Carla to encino_- hmm your blog is very amusing…you should write more! #kissorslap


encino to Carla- Twitter has replaced it!


Carla to wizdude- you have the best kids in the world!! #kissorslap


 wizdude- to Carla thank you. You have great kids too :-)


Carla to bigmac- you are so tall it hurts my neck to talk to you :P But your wife is lovely and your kids are cute! #kissorslap


Carla to vboykis- I love the way you always wish everyone a good morning! And I think you really mean it. #kissorslap day


Carla to slouchy- I enjoy going to your blog, because I know it’s going to make me think. You exercise my brain! #kissorslap day 


slouchy to Carla- thank you! what on earth is kissorslap day? like trick-or-treat?


 Carla to slouchy- compliment or insult day! I’ve received back a few of both! :)  


Carla to Neilochka- I thank you for inspiring my writing. And for making me laugh out aloud. #kissorslap day


Neilochka to Carla- thank you. But what is kissorslap day? 


Carla to Neilochka- I decree today to be compliment or insult day… so far more compliments sent than insults… but the day is still young… 


Carla to  zigiprimo- you are deffo one of the friendliest people I have met in twittersville! #kissorslap day


 zigiprimo to Carla- cheers Carla :)  


Carla to martinwalsh- you are a man of mystery!… I get all impressed but by the next tweet my #geekalert radar goes nuts… :)


 martinwalsh- to Carla #mysterioushandsomemenwhoaremisunderstoodallthetimebywomen :P


Carla to jkerrison - you are one of the most genuine people I’ve met on twitter. I hope you take that as a compliment. #kissorslap day  


jkerrison to Carla- And your blog is one of the most creative I’ve read. Thanks for the mention#kissorslap day


Carla to analoguepilot -I am often amazed by your photography.#kissorslap day


Carla to CSquaredPlus3- Thank you, You were the first person who told me that they were adding me to their reader. Happy moment for me! #kissorslap day   


Carla to fixstjames- you make everything sound yum. #kissorslap day 


fixstjames to Carla- it was tasty. Simple 


Dan_M_Egan to Carla- you are slap happy


There are some slaps I’d like to give out, but the people to whom they should be given would probably enjoy them too much.. #kissorslap day

scottmpeters to Carla- hey!



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