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Slipping Up in Life

by Matt Lacey

Staring up at the cracked plaster and the naked, orange glowing light
bulb, Wilbur wondered how the events of his life had brought him to
this exact moment. That is to say he pondered the course of the last
ten years or so, not the last few minutes – which had merely involved
waking, tripping, yawning, falling and walking, though not in that
precise order.

All in all he decided, life had been kind; it wasn’t all smooth
sailing, a fact his head would currently attest to, but on the whole
he was happy, healthy, and above all, no longer lonely.







The 100 word challenge is being run, or being done, by several twitter pals I know.

 It’s a fair bit tougher than it looks! Have a go…it’s a great writing challenge!

Thanks Matt for sharing this with us…

Are you sure that this is your very first piece of fiction??   Kudos!

For more info on the 100 word challenge… follow these people on twitter or the links to their web pages:

@Quadelle   http://www.quadelle.com/2009/12/hundred-word-story-escape/

@Velvetverbosity  http://velvetverbosity.com/100-words/   (Velvet’s whole being/blog wraps deliciously around 100 words! Check her out! I’ve even interviewed her using only 100 words… )

@Slouchy  http://www.slouchingmom.com/2009/12/hundred-word-story-staying-course.html


Have fun with the challenge and be sure to let me know if you have a go!


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